PV Testing & Commissioning

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What We Provide

Astongreens provides Testing & Commissioning Services for the DC side of Solar PV Plants which includes all Kind Performance & Quality Test of Modules, Combiner Box, Earthing and Inverters. We have trained manpower who are experienced in Operating IV Curve Tracers, ISC, VOC, IR measurement devices, Complete Health Check and PR of Inverters.

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Some of the Key Services  

  • Testing of Modules and Strings (VOC, ISC testing and I-V Curve Tracing) 
  • Testing of Solar Inverters 
  • Testing of LT and HT Cables (Insulation Resistance Testing)
  • Testing of ACDB, DCDB Panels and Batteries 
  • Electroluminescence Test of Modules 
  • Thermal Imaging of Modules (Handheld for Small Projects and Drone Based for Large ones)