Energy Transition 

Net-Zero being the big buzz word, Trillions of Dollars are expected to be spent over next 3 decades to save the world from catastrophic impacts of Global Warming. This implies more and more Power generation using Renewable Sources (Solar and Wind), Transportation to move away from Fossil Fuels to Hydrogen/EVs, Construction of buildings to adopt sustainable ways meeting their own Water and Energy demands. 

To achieve this vision, world needs millions of Competent and Competitive workforce across all categories (Fitters, Technicians, Supervisors and Engineers). AstonGreens is aspiring to serve this growing demand in Energy Transition Sectors across the globe by leveraging the demographic strengths of India and few other select countries. Some customers prefers to sub-contract such works rather than doing themselves, and we are happy to serve them as well by providing niche services.

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Our Services

Solar Installations Service

We offer Specialized Electrical & Mechanical installation services to EPC Contractors in the field of Solar PV (Utility Scale and Roof Top)

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Solar Testing & Commissioning

We offer Testing & Commissioning Services for the DC side of Solar PV Plants in Operating IV Curve Tracers, ISC, VOC, IR measurement devices, Complete Health Check and PR of Inverters.

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Solar Operations & Maintenance

We offer O&M services for Roof Top and Ground Mounted Solar PV Plants to monitor the health of each Plant component, identify faulty/under-performing equipments through Performance Analysis & Measurement and understand the nuances of Asset Management 

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